Wing Mo Kwoon -詠春武館

The Yijin Jing (simplified Chinese易筋经traditional Chinese易筋經pinyinYìjīnjīngWade–Giles: I Chin Ching; literally "Muscle/Tendon Change Classic") is a Qigong manual containing a series of exercises, coordinated with specific breathing and mental concentration, said to enhance physical health dramatically when practiced consistently. In Chinese yi means change, jin means "tendons and sinews", while jing means "methods". This is a relatively intense form of exercise that aims at strengthening the muscles and tendons, so promoting strength and flexibility, speed and stamina, balance and coordination of the body. [1] In the modern day there are many translations and distinct sets of exercises all said to be derived from the original (the provenance of which is the subject of some debate). These exercises are notable for being a key element of the physical conditioning used in Shaolin training.